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Bodylicious is situated at the Davallen Centre 1km from La Lucia Mall in La Lucia Durban.

Bodylicious a boutique studio aspires to become a unique brand of choice.

Bodylicious Pilates, Barre, Bounce, Flex & Bend are fitness concepts that have been designed to create an overall challenging and transforming experience for you!

The focus is on enhancing body movement, muscle toning, flexibility, suppleness, ease of motion, prevention of injuries, rehabilitation and relief of pain.

We are passionate about what we do and will ensure that you receive the best quality workout, customised to suit your individual needs with extra special care.

Private one-on-one instruction, duo-instruction, or group classes are offered for both women and men of all ages. 


Bodylicious training program designed & developed by Tamryn

Where it all began...

Tamryn More with 15 years in the health and wellness industry is originally from Johannesburg and has lived abroad in the USA ,UK , Mozambique and Mauritius. Tamryn studied health and wellness in Stellenbosch Cape Town and went on to work in various wellness centres, spas, cruise liners & gyms abroad as a wellness coach and sports massage therapist.

With all her travel experiences Tamryn came across the world of Pilates. The interest in the benefits of Pilates grew while it assisted with her own postural concerns. By witnessing first hand the life changing awareness of the body, this created a passion for Pilates and she became a qualified Pilates instructor.

During the 7 years teaching Pilates for rehabilitation, pre & postnatal and core fitness, Tamryn decided to add a fun vibrant element to the training program and went on to become an internationally recognised Booty Barre, En-core Barre, Booty Bounce and Rebound SA instructor.

At Bodylicious Tamryn creates a welcoming environment and crafts workouts with variations to keep you motivated and enthusiastic about your body and progression!

International qualifications of CIDESCO, BTECH , SHAASP and New York classical Pilates method- Apparatus & Mat, En-core Barre, Pre & Post-natal Pilates, Scoliosis Rehab, Rebounding, Fitness Management, Booty Barre & Booty Barre Bounce.


"I started at Bodylicious with Tamryn because I have a sore foot and couldn’t run and I needed some form of exercise to keep me sane. The private classes are really beneficial and I can see how I am getting stronger in areas I thought I would never have strength, I have a long way to go with all my issues, but Tam is really knowledgeable in the field, and recognises the issues and corrects them right away. I like trying all kinds of exercise, but I have never gained as much as I have with Tamryn at Bodylicious."

- Clare

"I have been doing Pilates and Barre with Tamryn for a year. I have definitely become much fitter cardio wise do to our fabulous Barre classes. I’am 69 years old, and can highly recommend our intense Pilates classes , ending with our stretching and relaxing breathing regime, to help my sciatica. Bodylicious is a must try."

- Wendy Shaw

"I am 63 and have been attending personal Pilates secessions with Tamryn at Bodylicious for about 18 months. My body has become stronger and more toned than when I was a young woman, in fact I can now use stomach muscles right at the base of my tummy that I have NEVER been able to engage before. My upper body is so much stronger and best of all, due to Tamryn’s advice, I have dropped at least a dress size and my energy levels are amazing. I can’t recommend Tamryn and Bodylicious enough. It has been amazing!"

- Gill Maujean

"I have been attending both Private and Group classes at Bodylicious studio. In the past eighteen months I have been put through my paces by Tamryn's rigorous and relentless hard work.  She never gives up and will certainly not let you down.   She has kept me coming back for more by making sure that every workout was different, fun, strenuous and ultimately what's she's done has produced the goods.  I started out with a knee, shoulder and ankle injury and Tamryn as worked me patiently back into shape, making me stronger as well as lengthening my shape.  I workout with Tamryn four times a week – (1x Group Barre-Bounce Class, 2x Private Pilates Sessions, 1x Group Barre class ) This has been the ultimate recipe for success.  What a difference you have made Tamryn, I can't thank you enough – you have whipped me back into the best shape I've ever been in for years and given me back my love for exercising.  Keep up the spectacular work!"

- Gennine Inggs

Group classes are available
throughout the week to suit various schedules.


Situated at the Davallen Centre in La Lucia.

22 Davallen Avenue, La Lucia, Durban


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