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It’s your first Bodylicious group class and perhaps you are wondering what to expect?

What to wear and bring?

  • Wear workout-gym type clothes.
  • For your first booking contact Tamryn 083 229 5872.
  • We supply the mats so no need to bring one.
  • A towel to place on top of the mat. No towel no class.
  • Payment by cash for your first class. No credit card facilities
  • Keeping hydrated is good for you, so bring your water bottle along.

What to expect in your first group class ?

Bodylicious is a welcoming studio and we stick to a small group of 10 people maximum. Classes offer variety, a full body workout, constantly challenging, fun and last for 45 minutes. Each class offers different aspects of training with focus on each area of the body and all based on fundamental Pilates principles. Come to class with an open mind because the concept is so different and innovative. Expect to feel and see results within your first 10 classes! We recommend the combination of classes and three to five classes per week for best results.

Why is this different to other training?

Bodylicious classes work the entire body while targeting individual body areas to strengthen, burn fat, sculpt and tone. This is achieved through small isometric movements that work the muscle to fatigue and then stretch to lengthen it out. The fusion of the different class types is the ultimate way to train your body. Combining Pilates, Barre, Bounce, Flex & Bend to give the body an overall workout. It has proven to be the perfect blend to improve posture, core strength, flexibility, and cardio with quick and phenomenal results!

What are the benefits?

The aim is to create long, lean muscles while increasing fat-burning and flexibility, as well as improved posture. These are just some of the benefits of the Bodylicious program.The fanatics of Bodylicious say it has completely transformed their bodies. At Bodylicious the workouts are non-impact, making it safe for almost anyone.

Who are Bodylicious group classes best for?

Those interested in flexibility, cardio, core strength and ready to work your butt off, in a fun group setting.
Instructors will offer modifications to meet your current fitness level.
If you are needing rehabilitation or fitness is completely new to you, it is advised to book for an assessment first.

For your first group booking contact Tamryn 0832295872 or download ‘get mind body.

No matter what sporting discipline 
pilates will strengthen your performance.


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