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Bodylicious is leading the fitness revolution and offering franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs in one of the fastest growing industries within the franchising sector.

We offer a low-staffing business model, with fast break evens and impressive returns.

Bodylicious helps you capitalise on one of the fastest growing fitness movements globally.

Your very own Bodylicious Franchise includes all of your equipment, aesthetic fit-out, signage, marketing, class training and franchisee support.

Bodylicious helps franchisees in Studios to capture huge customer demand and supplies systems & support to ensure ongoing success. The combination of private and small group training options, with rapid fitness results, makes Bodylicious the most exciting franchise opportunity in fitness this decade.

The appeal of a stronger, fitter, injury free, personal experience attracts potential members, while the expertly designed layout of each boutique studio appeals to investors by utilising space and resources efficiently.

Bodylicious studio opportunity brings the “best of the best” in the boutique studio sector to its franchisees, providing some of the most powerful tools in the industry to help you become successful.

Bodylicious studio is Pilates, Barre, Flexibility and Rebounding infused fitness is for all levels helping you exercise safely post injury or to help improve overall strength, flexibility and cardio!

Bodylicious Studio is a dynamic and innovative program unlike any other!

Our Studio features signature classes and gives members a variety of choices depending on their specific needs. Bodylicious Studio combines the Pilates principles, with the energy of Rebounding, Barre, Flexibility and HIIT training. This fusion fully integrates the mind and body, delivering a transformative body and fitness experience for all its members.


A Brand with a Difference

  • Attractive Investment.
  • Capitalises on General Fitness & Pilates, Barre, Rebounding, Rehabilitation  Markets.
  • Multiple Recurring Revenue Streams.
  • Ideal Studio Class Concept.
  • Extensive Operational Training & Support.
  • Comprehensive Marketing Support.
  • Progressive Approach & Increases Retention.

By streamlining the Bodylicious culture into mainstream fitness you get a member that:

  • Recognises the value of personal coaching in smaller environment therefore paying a higher membership
  • Appreciates the progressive improvements of classes which increases retention of those members
  • Desires to support the team and show their support which adds to revenue via purchases of retail

Furthermore, Bodylicious has a...

  • Low Cost Investment Per Unit: Lowest investment among all full-service fitness franchises.
  • High Revenue to Overhead Ratio: Smaller ‘boutique’ studios typically charge higher membership fees per month.
  • Low Overhead: Lower equipment costs, no costs of goods, no perishable inventory
  • Small Staff: A Studio can be operated with a manager and 1-2 staff members
  • Low Fixed Expenses: Little to no variable expenses, so net margins increase significantly as revenue increases.

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