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Small groups

Group classes are kept to maximum 10 people. This small group environment allows you to still get some personal attention, which helps with your personal progress.

Team work

At Bodylicious it’s all about the team and you get to laugh, sweat, feel the burn, huff and puff, moan and groan together. You have fellow class mates to help cheer you along and reach your goals at any level of fitness.

Progression starts in the mind

Although working as a group, adjustments are made for individual needs. So never feel you can’t do it, you will get there with consistency. The first step is to show up!

The signature training program

The bodylicious signature class structure is all about keeping your body guessing and the workouts are created to give your body the variety it needs.

These classes are all based on Pilates principles and are energetic. Although you have a choice of certain classes to attend. The four types of group classes have specific targets for specific needs. When all four types of classes are performed together it gives you an all round, full body, injury free training program.

To get ultimate results 3-4 times per week is suggested. Come train hard, and have a good laugh.

All group classes will strengthen and improve your body functionality.


Situated at the Davallen Centre in La Lucia.

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